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Aim of the school

The MRK2016 school on "Mineral reaction kinetics: microstructures, textures, chemical and isotopic signatures" is being organised in the framework of the EMU schools. Through advances in material characterisation and experimentation new features of the mineralogical record are increasingly being revealed in rocks, and new modes of material behavior are being found. Thermodynamic and kinetic models are being steadily refined to meet the ever increasing level of scrutiny required by mineralogical research. In this school a team of internationally recognized researchers will gather to share their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for an integrated approach to deciphering mineral reaction kinetics. A new volume on this topic will be available for the school as part of the series of EMU Notes in Mineralogy.

In this school the fundamentals required for analysing the information encoded in phase assemblages and compositions, chemical and isotopic patterns, microstructures, and textures in rocks will be communicated. Participants will be provided with the necessary skills for tackling material-related research problems independently. The aim is to stimulate activity and progress in this fascinating research field, which provides links throughout the sub-disciplines of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Successful participation including regular attendance of lectures and practical exercises and a poster presentation of participants’ own research will be rewarded with a certificate for 3 ECTS points.

Why in Vienna in September 2016?

The school will be held at the University of Vienna, in the heart of Europe. Vienna is a first rank cultural hot spot and has been a center for scientific research for centuries. The University of Vienna is the oldest and the largest university in the German speaking part of Europe, founded in 1365 and currently featuring more than 90.000 students.

The MRK2016 school is a satellite event of the 2nd European Mineralogical Conference EMC2016, which will be held in Rimini from 11 – 15 September 2016. A topical session on "Mineral reaction kinetics" at this conference will bring together active researchers from all over the world. Participants in the MRK2016 school are encouraged to join this conference as a "starter" for what is going to be a short but intense dive into "Mineral reaction kinetics" in Vienna the following week.

Flyers download

Below you can find the flyers for the MRK2016 school in Vienna as well as the mineral reaction kinetics session at the EMC2016 conference in Rimini.

Contact Information

If you have questions or require further information, please contact us via email at mrk16@univie.ac.at


We would like to thank the sponsors supporting this school.

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